Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going to Joshua Tree...without a car

Well, it's 5:16am. Ouch. I didn't know this time actually exisited. Our bikes are packed, our gear neatly (as neatly as I could get it) organized in our panniers. 6 days of riding on our crazy adventure from Long Beach (Metrolink to San Bernadino), San Bernadino, Pioneertown, Joshua Tree, Salton Sea, Palm Springs, San Bernadino and back to Long Beach.

For those that don't know that I keep a bicycle touring blog, called Epicurean Cyclist, check it out! It details all my crazy bike touring adventures.

I've turned my email auto-responder to "on", the 21ist century sign for the self-employed of flipping the Open sign to Close. See ya'll in 6 days.

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2whls3spds said...

Enjoy the trip and bring back pictures ;>)

5:16 am...I am usually well into my day by then. It is the other end of the day that I seldom see, the one that starts after 9:00pm, according to tales I have heard.