Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Not a Country Kitchen..

When I wasn't busy fighting the man, so to speak, I was shooting food today. This assignment was at the Wednesday's Farmer's Market at Marine Stadium. The vendor is RedOak BBQ and let me tell you, it was tasty. I was salivating the second I saw the giant BBQ grill and that they were using wood logs and not charcoal to cook and flavor the meat.

The lighting was a bit tricky since it was midday. I decided to shoot under the shade of a large truck so I could control the light better.

I cropped in close, lit it with my softbox and a hand from Jenny with my lucky piece of ragged matt board. Shooting tight and with the nice wood board and table cloth it felt like a country kitchen. Of course, when you pull back it is anything but!


Los Ojos De Muerte said...

I say that is a great shot. It's looks delicious.

Da Goof said...

That's some tasty looking meat! If you didn't have supporting photos, I never would believe you're in a parking lot.

Great shot