Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photographic History

Ladies and gentlemen, the darkroom has left the building. Today, I say goodbye to a formative part of my photographic development. Gone is my 4x5 enlarger, negative drying cabinet, 20x24 easel, an entire box of obscure negative carriers, grain enlargers, etc.,

All of it. It sold to a friend of a friend. A budding photographer who took a few classes and wants to get serious. It's a great tool. I hope she uses it well.

I also gave away this poster that probably has no value except for the sentimental sort. It's a poster of Photographic Truths. It use to hang in Terry's Camera - my favorite camera store of all time - until it closed and the city unceremoniously demolished the building. I spent many a weekend there shooting the breeze with Leigh and Maurice. I would always look up the poster and laugh.

A few days before it was to close, I asked them for the poster. Sure. It wasn't worth anything and they were probably tired of it themselves. For me, however, it reminded me of those Saturday mornings drinking coffee and eating doughnuts and talking lenses and cameras. I passed it on today too - an end of an era.

For your benefit, I will transcribe some of the photographic truths:

-The Post Office folds all parcels containing photographs.
-Camera straps never fail above soft surfaces.
-Spotone bottles are designed to tip over when the cap is removed.
-You will never, EVER, receive an N.E.A. grant.
-No two lightmeters agree.
-A good photograph cannot be made in Fresno.
-A new Hasselblad would take better pictures than your present camera.
-Color slide viewing cures insomnia.
-When Man creates a sharper lens, Nature will create a fuzzier subject.
-Falling lenses are attracted to rocks.


Doug folkerts said...

I didn't know of Terry's demise. Leigh was my favorite there. Jeeze that was at least 15-20 years ago. LB has changed so much.

RussRoca said...

Yeah...I'm really upset about it still...i really liked that place and there's no camera store in the area that can really compare...

It's sad to see what happened. They got muscled out and now it's fallow land. For a lot of people that worked there it was all they knew and now they are SOL.

Bums me out.

Anonymous said...

I've just found you here- great blog, by the way.
I remember my dad giving away his darkroon equipment and feeling the same as I spent many evenings working with him as a teenager. Great memories.

I wonder if a similar list exists for bikes?