Sunday, July 05, 2009

Day in the Life of BeachGreens

I had a fun opportunity to go to the Santa Monica Farmers Market with Aliye from She runs a company in Long Beach where subscribers receive at their doorstep a box of organic fruits and vegetables that she picks out.

Wednesday, 9:00am, their delivery van is empty and we hit the road to Los Angeles.

At the first stop, Aliye picks up boxes of grapes and watermelons.

The next stop is the Santa Monica Farmers Market that is buzzing with activity. There she picks out the produce and talks to the different farmers she works with.

The once empty van fills up with a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables that are all organic and locally grown.

Check out to learn more!


Adriana said...

I can attest to freshness and variety of the produce she offers... She's pretty cool too!

Clancy said...

Nice pictures. I really like the onion pics.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics and a GREAT concept!