Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bike Parking by Bike

Yesterday The Long Beach Cyclists set up bike parking at the Art Theater again. We have 5 portable racks that we have figured out how to carry to location by bike. Bikestation has an Xtracycle and a few of them get loaded on there and I carry a few on the Bilenky.

Using 4 toe straps and 3 bungees, I was able to secure a pair of the racks down pretty well (amazing what you can do with toe straps!).

Sadly, no one came to park so we ended up just having an impromptu meeting at Portfolio Annex and then dinner at the brewery. Our CSULB members have passed out hundreds of flyers, there were flyers at the Art, it was sent out electronically via MySpace and Facebook...I'm beginning to wonder how it is we can more effectively reach cyclists.

We're suppose to offer bike parking one last time on June 6th. I'm going to try to make a more concerted effort to spread the word. Posters maybe? Or going on the weekly rides and handing it out directly to cyclists?


CSULB Cyclist said...

maybe it's because people don't understand it's FREE ($0).
and a free small popcorn is there to butter up the deal.
i should remake the flyers maybe,
with that information on them?

RachelMarie said...

I was going to go! I did not know that the time was changed until 5:45 until it was too late!

Steve said...

I would like to know about the racks you are using. I am looking for some portable racks for parking bicycles at some of our hometown festivals