Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Corvallis bike circus...

Well, I'm alive and well in Corvallis, OR. The train ride was long but pleasant. Yesterday, we spent the day assembling Laura's booth for Fall Festival. She was on the front page of the local paper yesterday which is pretty cool.

We decided to move everything to the park via bike. It was a bit of an adventure. Taking my cargo bike, a BOB trailer and another trailer with a canoe extension. It actually worked out rather well. I carried two cement blocks (100lbs), Matt on the canoe trailer carried the 10 foot poles and Laura carried the hardware to put it all together. Here are some pics!

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JPTwins said...

You guys didn't bring the poles and comcrete blocks from los angeles, did you? I'm going to assume you brought them from Laura's parents who live in the area.

pretty cool to see the bikes used multi-purposely!