Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dream Assignment....

Things have been a little slow. Keeping busy, but the volume isn't as much as I'd like. Is it the economy? AIG? I'm hoping the profile in Momentum and the soon to be aired G-Word episode will bring some calls. The free time that I've had has given me some time to ruminate about what would be my dream gig.

I have a few scenarios playing out in my head, I suppose. The biggest one would be to be hired by Oprah to do a portrait for O Magazine. I would pack up all my gear and ride my bike to Chicago, taking photos of environmentalists and people in the bike industry along the way. The check would be big enough to support a multi-week trip to Chicago. Anyone with Oprah leads?

Another dream assignment would be to be hired by someone in the bike industry (clothing or bike manufacturing themselves) to shoot a photo story following the daily routines of some bicycle tourists or randonnneurs, capturing not only the riding but the camp life as well. I want to shoot the cycling equivalent of the rock climbing images in Patagonia catalogs.

Just throwing it out there for the universe and internets to hear.

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Carl said...


Love that shot of riding over the crest of the road - makes one want to hit the road!