Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The "Not What I Signed Up For" Bike Tour...

We were the only ones on the Amtrak bus from Long Beach to Union Station.

Wide shot of camp our first day.

Just got back from our bike trip pedaling around the central coast. It can be best summed up as "this is not what I signed up for." First, we had some train trouble (bike spaces being full and not being allowed to board).

Second, there was a lot of climbing! On the second day of our trip we went up and over the Santa Ynez mountains (the FIRST of two crossings) with 100 degree weather and running low on water.

Throwing caution to the wind, we choose the road less traveled.

The pavement less traveled ends in 500ft...where the adventure begins.

Pushing our bikes up 20% grades in deeply rutted roads with rocks is our idea of a vacation?

On the third day of our trip, we crossed those same mountains AGAIN, this time taking Refugio Road. It was suppose to be a pleasant back country road (in our heads anyway) and it was for a few hundred feet, where it became a rock garden with some pitches of 20% grade! We literally walked up the mountain pushing our bikes most of the way. We rode where we could and walked where we couldn't.

Anyway, here are just a few snaps from our tiring but very fun and exciting mini bike tour.

We did have fun though. Yes, those are two IKEA folding chairs we took with us.

A beautiful sunset at Lake Cachuma.

We rode up some crazy stuff!

But we always made it tot he top.

A view of the Santa Barbara county and beyond...

Cartwheels at Refugio State Beach.


Liss said...

Hi I just surfing and found your blog. I really enjoy looking at your photos. I am surprised how much you can carry on your bike too. You make riding look really appealing and fun.

Dr. Logan said...

Methinks I'll be taking a short tour soon as well; though one with less climbing perhaps.

boc said...

I'm so confused, I can't decide on where to comment. Here or the revised post at bikecommuters.com!

Sounds like a great trip even with the not so fun parts. What happened with the train situation? Did you have to wait for another one or what?

I'm itching for some mini getaway/tour action. We're going camping next week but sadly not by bike. :( The plan is to take our somewhat newly acquired vintage folders though for some local area cruising. we'll see how it goes!