Friday, March 21, 2008

TOAST Long Beach...

Yesterday was a bit nutty taking me through different parts of Long Beach. First, I had to swing out towards 2nd Street to deposit some checks and run some errands. Then I rode in the complete opposite direction, crossing the LA river to do a quick taping of TOAST Long Beach, a local cable access show.

I rode the Xtracycle out there in full battle regalia and placed it just behind us during the show.

The signs are getting a little worse for the wear and I'm itching for my cargo bike. I may just slap the rest of the balance on some plastic so I can get the bike sooner than later. "It's an advertising cost and it will generate business," I keep telling myself, trying to rationalize it.

Anyway, the taping went fast. The hosts Meghan and Drew were great fun and the whole thing was very conversational, talking a bit about my biking all over the place (first guest they've had that has ridden their bike out there), to photography and to multimedia stuff I've been working on. They rolled out to show The Gatherer.

Hopefully, it will accomplish a few things. Show that crazy bike people aren't all that crazy and bring in a bit of business.

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