Monday, February 18, 2008


Some snaps from another assignment. The story is about a waitress who has been at Haskell's Prospector in Long Beach for 25 years. The art direction was to shoot something that felt candid and timeless.

The interior was dark so I had to crank it to 1000 ISO and shoot wide open (50mm 1.8 and a 17-35mm 2.8). The light from the wall lamp provides a nice directional glow.

To sort of emphasize the candidness I shot using different things to frame the scene and give it some depth.

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Jerome said...

wow, incredible photos! Very nicely done! You may or may not be interested in an ongoing photo project or not, but if so, there's a few of us that are in on it here. Go to the beginning of the blog and you'll find out what it's all about. Cheers.