Friday, February 15, 2008

My Long Commute...

Things have been a bit slow after the holidays. I have a bunch of projects in limbo and am waiting for them to come to fruition. Ah, the life of a sole-proprietor. Good news is, to supplement my income, I've started to shoot for the OC Weekly again.

Today was my first assignment with the new art director. It was a bit far (Santa Ana), but I'm trying to get a good relationship going on so of course I said yes. I spent a few days trying to figure out my route. There were more direct routes but they would send me through some bad parts of town. So, I chose a longer route, but one I knew that there were bike lanes throughout the whole stretch.

The ride went smoothly and I rode the first 25 miles in just under two hours. Not a bad time, considering I was carrying about 40lbs of camera gear. I did my assignments and rode back. That was the killer. I started back after noon and the winds were picking up. I was averaging a blistering 9mph down the river trail and was pushing hard to go downhill. Once I got on Slater I was still hitting winds though not so directly.

Total Mileage: 50
Ride Time: 4 hours

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