Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Portrait Session...4 looks in 1 hour...

I shot a corporate portrait today that was a rather fun (read stressful) exercise in lighting. I was planning to shoot some of the portrait outdoors but that was scratched when I arrived and found the building had scaffolding all over it. It was also in an industrial part of town that did not afford any good backgrounds.

Luckily I brought lights. The interior of the office was typical office park set up. Which is to say white walls and florescent lighting, not the most compelling of backgrounds. The designer I am working with wanted a portrait of the president with their company logo behind him. It was tight quarters but I was able to get the shot. The main light is an umbrella and I had to light the logo with 2 nikon strobes from either side angled down and positioned to rake the wall.

This second image was photographed in the conference room, which luckily had a splash of color and some products that the company creates on little shelves. It made a great background. Only used one light on an umbrella, the spill was enough to give a nice halo over the background.

This image was shot down the long conference table. Luckily the wall was clear so I popped a light with a gel. It didn't get quite enough color because the main light (the umbrella) was spilling on the wall. I have to remedy this by getting a softbox.

This final image was just outside. I tried to position him in front of some greenery and not the tarp that was over the office building.

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Marko said...

Really nice, though I have a suggestion. Try shooting him doing what he loves. Talk to him, get him relaxed, unaware of the camera. Having said that, I am really impressed by the amount of lighting, I only use a external Metz flash.