Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Latest soundslide...

Just finished another soundslide....this one was a Christmas present for my parents...Check it out!! Click on the image!

Just some tidbits about putting this together....Sound was gathered with an H2 recorder and Giant Squid lavalier mic. This will probably be my last project using the H2 as the main recorder for voice since purchasing the Sony PCM-D50. I plan on either selling it (if I find a buyer) or using it for ambient sound capture and as a backup recorder.

I've learned to treat the sound editing and photo editing as two separate jobs. The sound is a beast on its own. For this project, I tried out what they do for This American Life. That is, logging all the tape. Listening to all the audio and writing notes without stopping the tape. That way, you have a visual representation of what you're listening to. The logging itself was slow, but it made editing the sound very fast and efficient.

I've gotten a better handle on normalizing the sound (making sound volume consistent) and ducking music to add emphasis. So far, I've been able to do quite a bit with sound with free software (Audacity and Garageband). I'm pretty happy with the sound quality on this one.

So why all the emphasis on sound? I have found that when you put these multimedia stories together, sound is as important (sometimes more so) than the imagery. It is the ether...the thread that holds the images and the story together. You can have strong images back to back but without cohesive sound, there is no flow. That said, I don't plan to become a full time recordist. But I do understand its importance and am beginning to understand how to get good sound.

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skane said...

Just plain old fabulous. Fabulous in the straightforward way in which the story is told and in the way it captivates visually, vocally, and emotionally.

There's something terribly honest about your work Russ – don’t ever loose that.

Stephen Kane