Monday, June 18, 2007

CETMA Rack Pics 1/2

I recently purchased a CETMA 6 rail front rack. Lane, CETMa's owner and sole employee, is a bike messenger and handmakes each rack. I paid a little extra for the new powdercoated version of the 6-rail rack.

Delivery time was around two weeks, mostly waiting on the painting to be done. The rack came in a box and was wrapped with newspaper and had a plastic bag that contained all the mounting hardware.

If you've put on a Wald basket before, you'll know how to assemble the rack. I hadn't, so it took a little trial and error to get it just right. The rack is sturdy and inspires confidence. The stays are nice and beefy and won't be crumpling anytime soon.

So why the front rack? Sometimes I want/need a normal size bike instead of the Xtracycle to do a shoot. This front rack lets me carry a bigger load than a bolt on seatpost rack on my fixed gear in a supposedly more stable manner.

I've only ridden a few miles with the rack and a load so I can't make any definitive statements, but so far it has handled well. The steering is slightly altered, but much less than having a single full pannier in the rear....more impressions forth coming...

Here is the rack without a load and some details on the mounting points.

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