Friday, April 24, 2009

Behind the District Cover

Shot a portrait for the DW on campus today of writer and professor, Alan Rifkin. Everything is available light. Nikon D300. Simple light.

The first challenge with every portrait is looking for a good background. Interesting but not too interesting. Simple but not boring. Find the background first, THEN the subject. Seems backwards, but too many a potentially good photo is ruined by a crappy background. Lucky for me, the room had this blue/cloud-like pattern going on that was just interesting ENOUGH without being too distracting.

The next challenge is light. I turned off the overhead fluorescents so I could get some nice directional light (instead of flat overhead light). Worked well. Didn't have to set any strobes up.

Then, it was a matter of just getting Alan comfortable. Hey, I was a literature major in college, I can talk about anything, especially books!

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