Monday, January 19, 2009

Robert Garcia for 1st District

I was asked by a friend of mine whose opinion I respected, Brian Ulaszewski, to shoot some images for Robert Garcia's campaign for the 1st District in Long Beach. I knew of Robert but hadn't actually spoken to him. I knew that he had gotten the nod from Alan Lowenthal, which was a pretty big deal. But for me, the more important endorsement was from Brian. We set up a meeting and talked a little and it was enough to convince me that maybe this time, there was a real chance for change in the city of Long Beach.

So with that, I agreed to shoot for Robert Garcia's campaign. Here are some of the images. You'll be seeing more, no doubt, in the coming weeks all around the city.

He's a good guy and I hope he wins.

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Brian said...

Russ, Thanks for doing this. In my life, I've endorsed two people, the other will be president tommorrow. I will take credit for both of their success. You are my #1 most inspiring person.