Monday, October 20, 2008

Family portrait on wheels!

My Bilenky was out of commission today. I broke ANOTHER spoke in the rear wheel, which pretty much means that the wheel is toast. That didn't stop me from working today though. I'm glad I have two capable cargo bikes, so in case something happens to one, I won't be out of commission.

Anyway, I shot a family portrait this afternoon and suggested to the family that we try it on a surrey. It's only fitting, considering I bike everywhere that I should shoot a family portrait on wheels.

It was great fun for everyone and I got a good workout out of it as well. I think the photos turned out great. Lots of action and the light in the afternoon was beautiful.


nollij said...

Did you ride the surrey TO this family, or did they pick it up? I'm curious as to how you managed this!

Great shots... If I ever get south with my family, I'll hire you to do a biking photo shoot for us! :)

RussRoca said...

I met the fam. at the surrey rental (I don't own one..though that might be fun:)....and I rode my xtracycle (the bilenky was down with a broken spoke) and followed them..