Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BTWD...coming together.

I posted this on the Long Beach Cyclists site...but thought it was relevant here too..

Thanks for those that made it to the meeting tonight. We've got a small but efficient group and I think we'll be able to pull off a great event with the resources we have.

Some good news to share:
-Long Beach Cyclists on! Bikeportland is a great site that covers all the local news in Portland but has also become an inspiration for bike advocates around the country.
-PlanetBike is donating some awesome giveaways for Bike to Work Day! PlanetBike makes some great and well thought out bike accessories (like the awesome Superflash, regarded as one of the best bike tail lights ever) as well as giving 25% to advocacy. They've also re-done corporate offices to run off solar!
-WalzCaps is donating caps for BTWD! They make some of the best cycling caps in town. Everything from sporty cotton to stylish wool caps.
-KHS and are donating a great 3-speed commuter! Perfect for trips to the farmer's market.
-We'll soon be doing a partnership with JensonUSA where 5% of sales will go to help support the Long Beach Cyclists! How awesome is that! Look for it soon. So the next time you need to get some neat swept back handlebars or bar tape you can help the LBC at the same time.
-We'll soon be partnering up with Bikestation, Portfolios Coffeehouse and Jones Bikes to create Long Beach's first bikepool from downtown to the Farmer's Market! Stay tuned for more news about this fun community outreach program.

Also, our next meeting will be at The Small Cafe again on April 23 at 7pm.

And one more thing, special thanks to Carl who commutes from Anaheim Hills to Long Beach (20 miles!) for coming out to the meeting.

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